Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Prologue: This is new

First things first, put the pitchforks down , the futures on it's own.  It's a  Fringe thing and  that's not what this blogs about.  My names Paul and you're here to let me praise and rant about all the terrible and fantastic television that passes between my eyes. I'm new to blogging but it's something I'm doing for college. Each week i'll post a summary of what i've watched and why it was good or bad. simple as that. Hope you enjoy.

So here goes. Christmas came and past and I found myself with the DVD boxset that is the entire ' Still Game' series.  For those that don't know what Still Game is, It's a famous scottish sitcom  about two elderly best friends living in glasgow (where i'm from) that get into some hilarious situations. I'd seen the show before, but it was years ago and I couldn't wait to watch it again.

The first thing I noticed was the title sequence theme. Completley different  from what I remebered.( turns out I remembered wrong, the one I remembered was only relevant for the last episode, opps) the show was just as funny as I remembered too.  but I guess you'd really  have to be from glasgow, scotland at the very least , to get it. It's uplifting  when your watching something thats relevant to what you know. When it's a comedy that fits in with your culture it just comes across as different, theres a sense of pride in knowing why and whats funny about something that might just come across as jibberish to somebody else. It's abit of a  let down that the show had to end but it's good knowing i have the option to watch something so funny whenever i feel up to it.

So if your living in glasgow and havent ever seen Still Game , you really need to get watching. It'll be more satisfyingly funny than all those E4  studio sitcoms  from america,  where if you take away the studio laughter it loses it's punchline and just seems mean and bitchy.

Fringe finale is next week. Come back cause trust me when i say i'll have plenty to write about that.  CANT WAIT!